Home Value in Davie, FL

What’s My Home Value in Davie, FL?

If you’re thinking of selling your home, then getting to know your current property value, and considering the base price, and other factors can help you get near to your estimated home value. Finding out the right selling price involves a lot of research and data gathering to arrive at an ideal rate for your home.

To find out what your home value in Davie, FL is, you need to give it an honest assessment. Every home is unique, with its value based on a variety of factors. So, to know one’s home value, compare it to the other homes currently for sale in Florida.

The most common pricing methods for homes are cost, income, and comparable sales methods. The projected value of your house may be based on how much someone can make from their property in terms of cash flow and capital gains with time.

A comprehensive look into your home will include the square footage and how much of the property has been built on.

Here is a table of current listing prices in the neighborhoods of Davie, Florida. (2021)

Location Median Listing Price Price per SqFt
Pine Island Ridge $185K  $163
Park City $225K $201
Ivanhoe $534.5K $286
Shenandoah $500K $258
Forest Ridge $630K $265
Playland Ridge $299K $308
Arrowhead $194K $191
Oak Hill Ridge $886.5K $333
Rolling Hills Golf and Tennis Clue $400K $239
Flamingo Groves $1.9M $358

Neighborhoods of Davie, Florida

I know what you’re thinking; that’s too high. As you likely know, there are a lot of factors that affect the price of a home.

The price of a property is determined by many factors. 

If you want to know  more about finding an accurate value for your home, the amenities in  your area are another way to evaluate your home value.

Here are lists of amenities in these neighborhoods:

  • Davie County – West/Northwest District I offers plenty of amenities such as schools, parks, and churches.
  • Circle Park North East area has various shopping centers nearby with restaurants, banks, and more.
  • There are many golf courses within an hour’s drive of the Circle Park South Area, which is always a plus.
  • Davie County – East Area has proximity to the Everglades, and so there are plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking available for residents.
  • The South West District I offers numerous parks and green spaces with great schools like Davie Elementary School, which are always factors that raise the value of a home.

Now you have the idea of what your house value would likely be, here are some tips that can help you arrive at your ideal, accurate price for your home.


Tips To Know Your Home Value

There are a few things you can do when trying to find your home’s value.

Davie, FL Homes for Sale

1. Doing your research is also a good idea

To figure out your home’s value, you will need to analyze what comparable homes are going for in the area, and how they compare to yours. You can use this information as an estimate, but remember other factors that affect prices like location, taxes, or even recent sales trends.

From the data above, you should have a reasonable idea of what your home is worth. You can use this data to plan what type of house you would like, or how much a home in your area should cost.

2. You can try asking a real estate agent

Here at Florida South Solutions, I can offer you data and an estimated price for your home. You can quickly fill in your details to contact you by one of our estate agents or assessment to give you a quoted price.

When  it comes to housing prices and estimates, no one can do it better than real estate agents. 

A good start would be asking the agent how many homes in your area are going for if there are any recent trends or anything they want to mention that might affect their estimation.

  • It’s also important to consider your neighborhood and amenities.
  • Depending on who you are, the type of house or property might be a factor in your value estimate as well.
  • Lastly, it’s always best to know what kind of home you want before asking about price estimates. This way, they can give you accurate numbers without any additional questions needed!

Davie, FL Home Value

3. Do your analysis

With the details you have from your research, and with an expert real estate agent, you can finally arrive at the perfect price for your house.

You don’t have to be an expert to give your price for your home,  but you need to know the market and what other homes in your area are going for.

  • First, do a little research on similar houses sold within the last few months or years in your location of interest.
  • Look at some online listings to see how they’re priced compared to others near them like yours. If there is a discrepancy, it’s probably worth asking about.
  • Next, find out what your home would cost if you were to sell it now. Find out the market value of similar homes in the area. This  will give you a good idea of price and estimation, but remember that factors like location etc. might affect more than just the exterior appearance.
  • Lastly, look into how much the market will be like in a few months or years and see if your estimation is accurate for when you plan on selling it.

So now that we have some numbers to work with, let’s say our property value estimate from an estate agent was around 500K USD, then what?

If you have a mortgage, this is already considered and will be paid off when the house sells.


Getting an estimated value for your home is hard work, it will take you some hours of researching before arriving at a price that is realistic and matches your ideal. It’s best to work with a real estate agent near your location and ask for quotations for prices. 

Now that we know more about what your house’s value would be in Davie, it’s time to put all of that knowledge into action!

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